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Going to college is on everyone’s mind these days with more and more careers requiring advanced degrees. College gives people a far better chance to succeed and be able to provide for their future. High school and middle school students are preparing themselves by taking SAT and ACT tests, college tours, and even taking college courses in high school. These are only a few small steps in the lengthy college process.

College is a rather extensive process that involves preparation and planning. A students career interest will have a heavy weight on where they may be going to college. Some schools have similar degrees while others are very specific. Every school also has different requirements to gain admission, while others may only require a simple admissions form. Some colleges are close to home, while others may be out of state, which will drastically change the price tag of going away to college. Students need to also decide if they will be going to a two or four-year college.

The financial process that accompanies going to college in itself is overwhelming as colleges are becoming increasingly expensive. Tuition, housing, fees, books, food plans, etc are just a few of the expenses that can be accrued when going to college. Out of state students will see an even greater cost for tuition.

There are options such as community colleges, state colleges, and even online colleges that may be financially more appropriate for students and their parents. Some students may be eligible for financial aid through FAFSA, Pell or other state grants. There are also other grants, scholarships, and even different types of loans that students may be eligible for that will help pay for their college education.

As stressful as the college process is from finding the right school to working on college applications, here are some resources that will be helpful for parents and students thinking about college. These resources will help with the financial aid process, preparing for college early, grant and scholarship programs, saving for college, and for helping parents deal with their children heading off to college.